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Meet the 'Applewood' Family


Captains Stan and Anne, founders of the acclaimed Applewood Fish & Chips, had a simple philosophy for running their business; serve the freshest, most delicious fish and chips, and sincerely appreciate every customer. They worked hard and built their reputation one customer at a time. Their vision is our heartfelt promise.

Today, 30 years later, this same family run business is still honouring the founders' dream. We are proudly serving the community and our wonderful loyal customers with these same traditions as our guide. 


Our commitment is to provide the highest quality, freshest, and tastiest fish and chips. Our focus is to create a family-friendly, welcoming atmosphere for our patrons. The Applewood Fish & Chips crew are dedicated to making your meal memorable.


Come on in, and treat your heart and soul with our wild caught fish!


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